Both our container shelter ranges have their advantages depending on your needs. Our container shelter are manufactured in Australia and are engineered to Australian Standards.

Premium Range Features

Superior quality - The framework is precision-engineered for superior strength and durability, while the fabric covering is tested to the limit to ensure it withstands the fiercest heat, wind and rain.

More choice of configuration - Tell us your building's required purpose, size and situation and we'll provide you with the best solution, whether it's standard or customised.

Better use of space - The structure's clear-span frame and high arched roof offer you the best possible use of available space.

Longer-lasting structures - Our Premium Container Shelters are the toughest and most durable fabric-covered storage solution on the market and are covered with a 10 year warranty.

Economy Range Features

Cost effective - Great value for money with a 5 year warranty

Ripstop, UV stabilised covers - Tightly-tensioned ripstop UV stabilised covers with a ratchet system eliminates movement and extends the life of the fabric.

Fast delivery - As these units are pre-made, we have a fully stocked warehouse. We can deliver what you want, when you need it.

Shelter Comparison List

MOUNTING OPTIONS Weld on Brackets No Yes
Weld on Toprails Yes Yes
Bolt on Brackets No Yes
B No Yes
C Yes Yes
D No Yes
Double No Yes
SIZES 6 x 6 Yes Yes
6 x 12 Yes Yes
10 x 6 Yes Yes
10 x 12 Yes Yes
12 x 6 Yes Yes
12 x 12 Yes Yes
14 x 6 Yes Yes
14 x 12 Yes Yes
16m - 30m wide and up to 14m high... Yes
ENDWALLS Without frames and no wind rating Yes
With frames and a wind rating No Yes
WARRANTY 5 years Yes
10 years frame and cover and workmanship No Yes
ACCESSORIES Double stacked container endwalls No Yes
Doorway endwalls No Yes
Doors No Yes
Gutters No Yes
Fire retardant Covers No Yes
Custom Logo Banners No Yes
Powdercoating & hot dip galvanising No Yes


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